Friday, 23 January 2015

Under the moonlight - Part 7 finished! And a Happy Dance!

In my last post I mentioned how hot and sticky the weather had been in Brisbane recently.

Well thankfully after a week of horrid sleepless nights because it was just too too hot to sleep, the weather changed and cooled down to a much more comfortable stitching temperature from about Wednesday.
In fact it's been raining here all day today, rather pleasant after the sticky heat of last weekend. Perfect stitching weather in fact!

Last night I finished part 7 of the PR Mystery Sal - Under the Moonlight and here it is..

We are starting to see a few more features other than then border. Part 8 comes out next week and is worked under where part 7 was just stitched, so hopefully more features of our mystery subject will be revealed. I'm looking forward to trying to keep up with the Sal as the parts get bigger without neglecting my other WIP"s... gotta love a juggling act lol.

Now this week I also happen to have had a bit of a happy dance. Not the finishing a project happy dance but a happy one none the less. 

Anyone that loves Nora Corbett/Mirabilia designs,  knows how hard it is to get their hands on  the OOP  Tigerlily chart from Nora's Pixie Couture Collection.
 I have been looking with no success for a while.  I am a member of a facebook group for Australian stitchers to unload stash,  and I decided on a whim to ask if anyone who had her was willing to part with her. 

I wasn't expecting much success mind you. So you can imagine my delight when not only did someone have her but they were willing to sell her and for a very reasonable price too!!  It just goes to show you don't know until you ask.  She arrived in the mail yesterday. 

It is a holiday weekend here in Australia as Monday is Australia Day. I am hoping for a cooler weekend than we had last weekend and to spend some time with family and also hopefully get back into working on Taj Mahal Mandala. Maybe  I might also try and work out what fabric I will stitch Tigerlily on and when I am going to find time to squeeze her into my rotation. 

Happy Stitching everyone, 

January 2015 IHSW

Ack I am late with  my IHSW update.  Work sure does get in the way of blogging and stitches  some days :)

No photos this time around they are coming in my next post. I spent the weekend working on the PR Mystery Sal when I could.
 It was so hot and sticky here over the weekend that I found I couldn't sit and stitch for more than half hour at a time.
I got way too hot under my stitching lamp and trying to stitch with sweat rolling down your face is just wrong.   I was hoping to get part 7 finished but keeping cool was more of a priority. The minute you went out of fan zone you were dripping wet.

I hope everyone else managed to get more stitching done for the weekend than I did. I will be off to check out everyone's blogs later this evening.

Happy Stitching everyone,

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A month with the Firefly's

Wow time flies when you are having fun.  A month ago I was wishing you all happy holidays and new years and here we are 14 days into the year.
I certainly hope everyone is healthy and well as the new year strides along.

I have kept busy over the last month.  We have quite a few birthdays in December and January so that along with Christmas makes it very festive.  As per normal I ate way too much yummy food and now resolve to get some what into shape.... round is a shape right? :)

After I put the PR Mystery Sal away I picked up Lavender & Lace's Firefly Fairies.  I have always loved this design and kind of started it a few years ago.  I braved the bleaching of the sunburst, which wasn't really has hard as I thought it would be. More so worried about destroying a perfectly good piece of fabric I guess. Then I had stitched the first star and candle-shine at the top of the design and that is where I left it. I'm not sure what year it was but 2003 for some reason keeps popping into my head! The fabric is 32 ct which suggests it was around then as these days due to my aging eye sight I find I prefer 28ct most of the time.

I had everything I needed but the beads, and they were on their way, hopefully they would turn up before Christmas while I was on my two weeks vacation.   So on the 14th of December I set about restarting. I left the original first star but unpicked the candle-shine as I wasn't happy with it and restitched it.

10 days later on Christmas Eve this is where I was up to. By this time my beads had arrived and I was starting to add some beads in too.

Then on New Year's this was my progress... 

So amazing how much stitching you can get done when work doesn't interfere with your time lol.

Nearly a month after my restart they are looking like this. almost half way done.

This is where I will leave the "girls" at the moment. Part 7 of the PR Mystery Sal is now out so I will be working on that and then Taj Mahal Mandala is calling my  name for some attention. 

Happy Stitching, everyone