Saturday, 19 September 2015

The rotation has left the building.

Being a stitcher with many WIP I often have a rotation of sorts so that my many (currently 10) WIP get some love.  I've tried many different rotations that are around.  

Firstly there was the 10 hour rotation.  Stitch on a project for 10 hours then swap. My problems with this - clock watching, it made me obsessed. Not to mention I was often switching projects every few days which was annoying as I had just got into one and it was time to switch.

Then I went to the weekly rotation.. I had the same issue with the 10 hour.  It might take me a good week to really get into a project if I have been busy and then it is time to switch again.  This progressed to switching every two weeks and then that became the once a month switch.  Now I often work on a screaming monthly rotation working on the project that screams at me the loudest for a month.

However of late I'm finding myself stitching on one project for longer and longer.  I have so many that are half finished or closer that  I am chasing a finish.. something I have not had many of in recent years.

Since 20th of July I rotated back onto the Passione Ricamo  starting part 11. This what where I was up to at end of part 10

Part 11 completed 

Half way through part 12

Part 13 finished as of 19th September (photo taken at night so fabric looks more purple than blue) 

I've actually started replacing the long rows of beads with 1 strand of satin DMC B5200 and 1 strand of cotton DMC B5200. The lower straight rows are stitched at the moment as I still need to remove the beads on the sides and top. I'm much happier with the stitches. I was not happy the straight rows did not stay well 100%  straight. 

At this time I plan to move on to part 14 unless another WIP screams at me louder!

Happy Stitching everyone,