Sunday, 14 September 2014

Not 1 but now 2 finished - Diet Kitty 2 finished!

After having a marathon finish on Maggie the Mess Maker earlier this month I decided to pick up an easy project before concentrating on Taj Mahal Mandala Garden, as my main focus piece.

So I decided to work on Diet Kitty 2 seeing as I had him almost half done.

Before this month I was up to here on him 

And now, he is finished and awaiting framing with Diet kitty 1. 

The fabric looks white in the photo he is actually stitched on  28ct miracle mint Lugana which I swapped for the aida that came in the kit. 
Diet kitty 2 - Started January 2014 - Finished September 2014

So very happy to have not 1 but 2 happy dances of late it has been a long time between finished until this month. 

Happy Stitching everyone, 


  1. Sweet finishes Deb, they are both adorable ;)

  2. It's adorable. Congrats on your finish.