Saturday, 1 August 2015

UFO's - not the space kind.

UFO's as stitchers we all have them. You know what I am talking about those Un-Finished Objects -  projects we have not stitched on for at least 12 months or more that go from being  WIP status to UFO status.

I currently have two. One of them is Joan Elliott's The Sewing Room. The last time I stitched on this piece was November 2012!.. Yikes.. almost 3 years since I had picked this piece up.  I was about half way through the piece too.

So for the last week of  May one of the Aussie Facebook stitching groups I belong to decided to have a little UFO week long challenge. To select a WIP or UFO that had not seen any love for a while. After a week this was my progress.  

Not as much progress for the week as I had hoped but something was better than nothing. So happy was I to get back into this project I decided to continue working on this piece for June and into July so by the 18th of July I had made great progress on  the chair area. 

So no longer in the UFO pile I hope it doesn't take me another 2.5 years to pick this piece up again :)

Happy stitching everyone, 


  1. Well done on picking up this project again, the design is adorable. Great progress:)

  2. Good on you for working on a UFO!! You've made fantastic progress :)

  3. Well done! What a gorgeous design - hope you get it finished soon as it would be a wonderful piece when finished :o)
    Hugs xx