Sunday, 27 December 2015

Whittling the WIP list down.

I'm on a finishing roll at the moment. In between working on my weekend project of the Harry Potter Banner as mentioned in my previous post I have been busy slaying parts of the PR Mystery Sal piece.
I think the last time I posted an update on her .. yes by now we all know the end result of this beautiful design,  I had finished part 13.  Well 14 was done and dusted some time in November and I am half way through  part 15 so she is not far from finishing.  This was my progress after finishing part 14 before started 15

Just after finishing the Harry Potter banner on the 20th November I decided I needed a WIP change of pace. I  switched to the Red Quaker sampler that I have been stitching as part of an Aussie Sal this year.  This morning I finished this project. Happy dancing all around, another finish for the year.  A total of 2,  I'm on track with last year rofl. 

Stitched on 32ct white linen 2 over 2 using Dinky dyes Silks 160 Pink diamond and 176 Rosewood. Started on the 29th March 2015 finished on the 27th Dec 2015.

Wow that is two projects started and finished in the same calendar year  What is happening to me?

I have enjoyed stitching this design. I am not normally one for samplers, especially traditional samplers such as this but it was fun to do.  At present I am thinking of hemstitching the edges and turning it into a table runner for the top of my cross stitch cabinet where I keep all my stash. 

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  1. They are both so beautiful, love them both.