Friday, 7 March 2014

Maggie the Mess Maker WIP update

I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms!   I have had such a busy week I have not been able to find any time to stitch since last Sunday. Every evening once all the errands and appointments after work have been done I have been way to tired to do anything but crash.
This means poor Maggie has been neglected so far for the start of the month. I am hoping for a quiet weekend so I can do some serious catch up. This is the latest progress photo as of 20th Feb just before I rotated on to Taj for the rest of Feb.

I'm rather enjoying my 2 project a month rotation at the moment. While I have so many screaming to start, (plus a few half finished) I am not listening to them.. so far lol. I am keeping to only two reasonably large projects and maybe a small carry anywhere project on the go at any one time.
This does not how ever stop me kitting up for the next start.. or the one after that or even the one after that! Stash enhancement.. just as therapeutic as stitching itself!

Happy stitching everyone

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