Tuesday, 25 February 2014

February 2014 IHSW

I was so looking forward to the weekend because it was IHSW this weekend. Which meant I had an excuse to indulge in lots of stitching and not much else.

It also fell on the weekend I was due to rotate back onto Taj Mahal Garden Mandala for the rest of the month. I didn't get much time for stitching Friday night or Saturday, but did manage to get a good stretch of time to myself on Sunday for most of the day, so progress was made.

So without further delay, a before this weekend photo and an after progress photo.
 Before the weekend

Progress as of 23rd Feb. Please excuse the fabric colour in this photo as I took it at night.

Happy  Stitching everyone, 


  1. Lovely progree, your stitching looks beautiful!

  2. Hi, Just found your blog through Joyces Hermit weekend and become a follower.
    Nice progress and stitching

  3. Thanks for the comments :) Welcome Julie it is always nice to have more followers especially when I am new to blogging. You have done some amazing pieces. I always love looking at everyone's work finishes. I even spotted 1 or 2 I have to do or have done.

  4. Hi!! I also found your blog through Joysze. :)

    I think it's a great progress. Can´t wait to see more. I bet it will turn out fantastic when it's finished. :)

  5. Hi Debs! I just found your lovely blog & I'm now your latest follower :)
    This design is just beautiful, it will be a real treasure when finished! Your diet kitty is also sweet