Saturday, 1 February 2014

Taj Mahal Garden - Part 2

Almost finished page 2 of Taj Mahal last night. If only my mind and body did not insist on sleep.
I had every intention of sitting up until it was finished but at 11pm my plan was foiled! Curses to getting older and not having the will power to pull an all nighter anymore!

I am rather pleased with the progress,  however I might have hit a bit of a stumbling block. I have the printed 12 page black and white chart and the scroll work backstitching is very hard to see and looks nothing like what I have seen on other stitched versions. Also the "mist" back stitching around the Taj's  only seems to go in one direction on my chart on both sides of the Taj's like this \\\\, where as I have seen it stitched \\\\ and then //// on the other side so I'm a bit confused at the moment.

Hopefully I will finish pages 2 and 3 on my next update. I am aiming for at least a page a month so I should have it all finished at the end of the year.  Should... but we will see lol.

Progress from 21st - 31st January 2014

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  1. Hi Debs, I need to pull out my chart to check. Will email you. :)