Tuesday, 22 July 2014

July 2014 IHSW - A new start

Can I hear a collective cheer from across the globe?  It seems we are back in hermit mode again for July :) Our fearless leader was MIA  last month.  I think many of us suffered withdrawals, while some attempted to hermit in spirit that weekend even if we didn't blog about it.  Let's face it any weekend spent stitching and not doing housework has my vote!

For those that do not know what I am talking about and think I have gone nuts, or nuttier depending on your point of view take a visit over to joysze's blog and she will explain what the IHSW is all about.

For July I have decided to honour this weekend with a.....   NEW START!

Yes yes.. I know for those that know me personally I said no new starts until I have had a finish!  But since when have you known any cross stitcher to keep their promises of  "no new starts", and "no more stash until I have used some". It takes an iron will to keep such  promises and besides,  when my pack of Rainbow silks arrived from Eileen over at Threadpickerz during the week,  I knew this weekend was the perfect time to start Twisted Band Sampler from Northern Expressions Needlework.  I decided not to use the recommended Au Ver a Soie's after I saw the Rainbow pack.  I'm also stitching it on Black to really make those colours pop.

Black I hear you gasp!  32 count at that.. oh my poor eyes, but there is method in my madness lol.  Eileen also have a pastel version to her rainbow pack called sparkling prism. Another 18 beautiful silks, the perfect number to stitch the now being designed sister design to Twisted Band Sampler called Twisted Rainbow which I will probably do on Black also as I'm crazy like that.

I just can't help myself I love anything rainbow. I think that is why I'm a stitcher we get to play with a rainbow of colours every day. Life would be so boring without such wonderful colours at my fingertips.

So here is everything all ready to go.

And here are my progress photos after the weekend - Stitching 1 strand over 2 threads.  
Almost 2 bands done. Two colours done and onto the 3rd. Let me just say those eyelets on 32 count black.. had me questioning my sanity for picking black! Might be time for another trip to the optometrist for stronger glasses! 

Now I'm off to check everyone else's weekend efforts.

Happy Stitching everyone, 


  1. That is quite a challenge - black and 32ct! I've also started on new designs last weekend - in spite of my earlier plans and resolutions! Restraining myself is too hard! :D

  2. Wow, that is beautiful. Stitching on black drives me crazy, but the results are always so worth it. Love those threads.

  3. I love your on black stitching, I have tried black cloth and what a mess I made.
    You have a beautiful piece.
    Thank-you for sharing.


  4. to new beginnings....and anyone who has a frog as an avatar must be amazing