Saturday, 13 December 2014

Twisted band sampler update

I have just realised I had forgotten to share my recent update on my Twisted Band Sampler.

Since August it had been neglected as I was working on Taj Mahal Mandala Garden so much. So I decided to spend some time on it last month after starting the PR Mystery Sal.  I love stitching this design the silks from Threadpickerz are so lovely to work with and colours so bright. The bands stitch up fairly quickly  but I must admit those Norwich stitches in band 6 are evil, especially when stitched on 32ct black!  They really had me testing my patience and I did pick up one or two that I have made a mistake in but if anyone can spot the mistakes they are doing really well :)

This was my progress before last month.

And my progress as of 30th November - 5 bands done almost finished the 6th. As you can see I have reached across the top to both sides now and have started working on multiple bands where I can to avoid moving the hoop so much. 

Happy Stitching everyone,

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  1. Beautiful stitching Deb! The colours are just fabulous on this black fabric :)