Saturday, 13 December 2014

Under the Moonlight - Parts 3 - 6

Hot off the scroll frame, parts 3-6 of the PR Mystery Sal.

Progress as of 13th December 2014

I'm all caught up again until January.  I spent the last few days stitching when possible due to being in hospital for minor surgery on Wednesday. So made the most of my time off  from work and stitched stitched stitched!

I'm still a bit worried about the long row of beads, trying to keep them straight. They seem to go wonky every now and then and I know I am not the only one with concerns regarding this.  A few of the ladies are actually replacing the long straight rows of beads with DMC Rayon in white and it looks rather good.

I am persevering with the beading at the moment but I do worry that it will go wonky just prior to framing and being a tad OCD it will drive me mad if any are wonky once framed.

Well we have around 11 days to go before Christmas and I'm not sure if I will manage another update before then so I will take the time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,  and a Safe and happy new year no matter where you are in the world. May you get to spend some time with the ones you love.

Happy Stitching everyone,


  1. Doing long rows of beads try couching between each one with a matching thread. Time consuming but it could keep them straight. Tread a few beads then do it.

  2. Love love the fabric, I am very curious to see the end result, sometimes the beads just have a mind of their own, I do go back and add an extra thread to even them out, when I have that problem. Good luck on the beads.
    Thank-you for oyur lovely comment on my blog.
    Happy Newyear.

  3. I have discovered that mill hill seed beads have an uneven dimension. Since I attach mine with the thread going through the bead twice, the holes are lined up horizontally. When beads are attached this way you can have ling rows of beads with no problem but it is the columns that the beads will not fit (even on 28 ct).

    I said all that to say that what I do is skip every 3rd bead and put a regular stitch in its place or a petite bead.

  4. Love the fabric! Very pretty work!